Pan-African Shield College is a duly registered institution in Kenya, offering capacity building and education services for both individuals and organisations. We are accredited and licensed by Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA) as a private security training institution in Kenya. Our courses are also accredited by National Industrial Training Authority (NITA), World Certification Institute (WCI) and TVETA.




Professional Evaluation and Certification Board


  • Ministry of Education’s  # : TVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0085/2021
  • Private Security Regulatory Authority’s # : PSRA/PASCL/22/AP
  • National Industrial Training Authority’s # : NITA TRN/1860
  • TVET Curriculum Development, Assessment and Certification Council (TVET CDACC): Assessment centre number: 0470183P

We are also United Nation’s registered supplier (Education/Training Services) – UNGM Number 782953