Discourse on Peace and Security

The Pan-African Shield College’s Discourse on Peace and Security Conference is an annual forum designed to create public dialogue among academia, security professionals and policy authorities on issues related to contemporary challenges to global peace and security with focus on inclusion, innovation and solutions to perennial peace and security challenges. 

Pan-African Shield College will host the inaugural international conference on September 10, 2021 at New Stanley Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya and or Virtually

The conference will bring together scholars, government policy makers, NGOs, professionals and other individuals who want to contribute to making positive changes, gain knowledge or skills and become more useful to their communities. The key subject themes include; waging of peace, gender and peace, reconciliation and transition, emerging crime trends and prevention, crisis and disaster management, risk management, use of technology in addressing peace and security challenges 

The conference offers opportunities to learn, connect and grow: 

  • Experiential and dynamic learning
  • Expansion of beliefs & clarity of perceptions 
  • Case study reviews
  • Implemented working programs
  • Meaningful and lasting connections
  • Safe, fun and vibrant location