SECTION 69 of the Private Security Regulation Act No. 13 of 2016, states; a person who operates as a private security service provider without being the holder of a valid training certificate from an institution accredited by the Authority; and/or operates as a private security service provider without being registered by the Authority commits an offence. It is a mandatory requirement for ALL individual private security service providers to undergo training in security matters in an institution accredited by the Authority as a prerequisite requirement for registration and licensing in accordance with Section 23 (2) (d) of the Act.


1.    Private Security Officer Course

Entry Level – 330 Hours
Refresher – 40 Hours

Entry Level – New Guards
Refresher – Trained & Serving Guards
2.    Security Management Practitioner (SMP) Course Directors, Managers, Supervisors
3.    Door Supervisor Course Door Supervisor or Frontline Security Guard
4.    CCTV Operator Course Control Room Operators
5.    Close Protection Officer Course Close Protection Officers /VIP Protection
6.    Private Investigations Course Investigators
7.    Cash and Valuables in Transit Security Operative in the Transit of Cash and Valuables
8.    Security Systems Technician Course Technicians
9.    Customized Courses Employees


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