” A big thank you to the Pan-African Shield College team. Outstanding curriculum, excellent mode of delivery and realistic examples. You made the course come to life for us and we appreciate it. We shall be happy to share how the knowledge we gained is helping, as we implement anti-fraud interventions. Thanks again.” Austine (UNDP)

”Great training indeed! Very rich, relevant and thought-provoking. Your enthusiasm and humour were very motivational and inspiring. I have had fantastic take-aways and look forward to applying them on the ground and to further collaboration and training. Thank you very much!” Benson (MOH Malawi)

”I join my colleagues in appreciating the knowledge acquired during the training. Indeed the training has refreshed and equipped DTIU with the knowledge and skills of conducting fraud investigations. We will ensure that the knowledge and skills obtained through the training are applied, to ensure that objectives of fraud investigation assignments are efficiently and effectively attained.” Magaleta (Head, Internal Audit)

”You have positively impacted me in my career  and life goals. I look forward to more courses with Pan-African Shield College” Edwin (Mini Group)

”I am truly grateful for the lessons and skills acquired. I commit to continue with similar learning programs with Pan-African Shield College Africa” Michael (Mini Group)

”I am glad to partake in this whole experience. It definitely widened my scope of knowledge and skills that I’ll get to apply in my field of expertise. Thank you for creating such an opportunity for us as security professionals” Caroline (Tick Security)

”Thank you team .We had a fantastic training, and indeed we are wiser in matters of fraud and forensic investigation. We are grateful for the wonderful hospitality Pan African Shield College gave us” Chikondi (UNDP)

”The course I took under the auspices of the Pan- African Shield College Africa, and it has greatly improved my knowledge base in the field and will enhance my performance as a practitioner”  Dr. Dauda (Nigeria)

‘’ I feel great to be part of the Pan-African Shield College Africa. The knowledge from this training so far, is superb. The course on criminology and security studies has greatly impacted me positively and my organization. Thank you for the good work and God bless you.’’ Esther (Nigeria)