About membership 

Whether you’re new to security management or an experienced professional, Pan-African Shield College Africa (PASCA)  membership will help you get ahead and stay there. You’ll join  professionals across all industries, in the public, private and not for profit sectors.

Membership Levels


The Alumni shall comprise of five classes of members:


  1. Ordinary
  2. Life
  3. Associate
  4. Fellows
  5. Affiliate


  1. Ordinary Members

Shall be open to all graduates of Pan-African Shield College Africa since its inception and must apply, upon acceptance and only pay prescribed fees for membership certificate. This category shall include all those students who studied at Pan-African Shield College Africa

  1. Life Members

Shall comprise members who by virtual of status and/or work station opt to pay a figure, decided from time to time, that will enable them avoid paying annual subscriptions.

  1. Associate Members

Shall comprise graduates of other Universities with common interest with the Alumni and must apply and pay, upon acceptance, membership and subscription fee.

  1. Fellows of the Association

These will comprise those Alumni who in the opinion of the Association have excelled and distinguished themselves as members of the Association. Prospective fellows of the Association shall be identified by the Executive Committee and presented to the Annual General Meeting for ratification.

  1. Affiliate Members

Shall comprise Corporate Bodies, Non Governmental Organizations, and graduates from other Universities with interest of identification with Pan-African Shield College Africa and must for this purpose have had approved dealings with Pan-African Shield College Africa, for example, teaching, placements, collaborative projects et cetera. Such members will be required to pay registration and subscription fees.


  • All students who went to school at Pan-African Shield College Africa are de facto members of the alumni family.
  • All students in session
  • Graduates of other universities whose spouses are Pan-African Shield College Africa could become honorary alumni.
  • Any corporate firm or individual who willingly undertakes to identify with the us

Reasons for joining Complete  an online application form here.

Being part of a professional community can play a critical role in supporting the learning and development you need to progress your career.

Joining us will bring you the following benefits:

  • Access to membership only area on PASCA website with free access to online resources that give insight and practical guidance on key security management issues.
  • Discounts on trainingevents and conferences as well as on other industry events and publications that we negotiate from time to time on behalf of members.
  • Membership of a global community of security professionals representing all disciplines and sectors from all over the world with whom you can engage either via social media (LinkedInFacebookTwitter) or face-to-face through our Special Interest Groups and Regional Groups.
  • Newsletters and other publications bringing you the latest news and views from across the world of risk management .
Membership Ordinary Life Associate Fellow Affiliate
Cost Free / $ 20 Certificate $ 500 $ 500 $ 300 $ 500